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Production Furling Machine - v2

  • Brass Professional Furling Machine version 2
  • Brass Professional Furling Machine version 2
  • Brass Professional Furling Machine version 2
  • Brass Professional Furling Machine version 2
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This item is out of stock but we can make more on demand in a few days,
please email info@eclecticangler.com to let us know you'd like one!

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Product Description

Please enquire before ordering or if you have other specifications. I prefer NOT to collect payment until your machine is complete and ready to ship. Simply contact me with your configuration and I'll add you to the list. When your machine is complete, I'll contact you to make sure you still want it and if so, send a PayPal invoice. I produce these machines as a labor of love, by hand. 

Our Production Furling Machine comes standard with either brass or aluminum body plates, acetal gears, two high speed bearings on all shafts, and hand soldered hooks. The body plates are reversable so you can attach it either from the shaft side or the hook side (see Figures 1 and 2 below). Tell us which orientation you prefer in the order comments and we'll set the machine up to your specifications, or email for more information (you can easily change this yourself too). 

Production Furling Machines

We manufacture several configurations of Production Furling Machines. The basic 3 planetery hook aluminum machine is by far the most versatile, popular and cost effective choice. It can furl 2 and 3 legged leaders, tenkara lines and even full 90' fly lines. The optional central "power furl" hook is intended for production furlers who produce thousands of leaders a year where every second counts! Without it, you can simply use one of the standard hooks and run your motor in reverse to power furl. 


Our Production Furling Machines are hand-made one at a time. All machines feature two high speed bearings per shaft, high performance acetal gears in a 1:1 gear ratio, and a .25" diameter motor shaft. Use two of the planetary hooks to furl two legged leaders and lines or 3 planetary hooks to furl three legged leaders and lines. An optional flex coupler is available for mounting the fuller and your motor rigidly. If you do not use a flex coupler of some type, the bearings on the center shaft will likely wear out prematurely.

Each machine is stamped with The Eclectic Angler logo and Michael Hackney's maker's mark along with an engraved serial number. A certificate of authenticity is included. These machines are used by many commercial furled leader and tenkara line makers for high volume production and are extremely reliable and easy to set up and use.

Powering your Production Furling Machine

Most customers use an electric hand drill to power these machines. They are inexpensive, have good top-end speed and are reversable. It's also easy to make a cradle to hold the drill and furling machine. Several of our commercial furlers use high speed Foredom hand-pieces to drive their machines (note: this requires a smaller diameter motor shaft to fit the Foredom collet, which we can provide upon request in the order comments). Bearings are rated to 20,000 RPM and several of our customers have run their machines for several years at these speeds.

With this machine you can produce exactly the taper, length and weight you want with either two or three legs! Note that most commerical furled leaders have two legs. Three legged leaders and tenkara lines are less stretchy and have a smaller cross-section than an equivalent two legged leader. This results in better wind penetration and less drift drag.

If you are just learning to furl, we recommend making several two legged leaders or lines to learn the process. There is lots of information on how to furl two legged leaders and lines on the Web (but be aware, there are as many ways to furl as there are fish in the stream!). Then, when you are ready to try three legged furls, read our free booklet Furling Three Leg Leaders, Tenkara Lines and Fly Lines to learn how. 

Typical Setups


 Figure 1:  Mounted to end of furling board - note the orientation of the machine, this is the way we normally set them up


Figure 2: Mounted to a hand-held cradle, note the mounting plate is reversed from Figure 1

NOTE: If you rigidly mount both the machine and your motor, a flexible shaft coupler is necessary. These are common items and we carry these in-stock for $10,select the 1/4" to 14" coupler option to add to your order.

Here's an example of a cradle we made for a customer:

Custom Order Options

Production Furling Machines can be hand cranked with an optional handle. These are great for evening campfire furling sessions with your fishing buddies. The handle can be removed for using with a motor. Handles add $40 to the machine price, email for ordering details.

Please enquire if you have other specifications and for production time and cost.

Designed and Manufactured by The Eclectic Angler in the USA!


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Product Reviews

  1. Furling engine surpasses expectations... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2016

    Great customer service and communication. Look forward to have one or two more added to my shop soon.

  2. I'll be furling everything in sight! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2015

    The brass furling device is a pleasure to use and more so to look at. I've used it with the manual crank for horse hair and with a small motor for mono, thread etc. Be prepared for the time it takes for such a handmade precise machine to be made, and you will be VERY pleased.

  3. It's Brilliant! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Aug 2012

    HI Michael.......

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Life's been a little hectic for the last few weeks, but thats another story.

    I received the Furling Engine, it's Brilliant!

  4. Thank You 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2012

    So I love my FURLING MACHINE! It is working awesome, and now as I am getting accustomed to it I am starting to crank out some leaders. The quality is top notch. I hope my board is up to the machine. Made my first two Tenkara lines the other day. As soon as I get a top for the three legs I will be making some of those.

  5. Old world craftsmanship - New world precision 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Nov 2010

    In April 2010 Michael and I exchanged a series of emails and phone calls for an idea I had about a custom made 3 leg furler or “Walton’s Engine" with a hook on the drive shaft for the reverse furl. Michael came up with a design that more than exceeded my needs and expectations. It enables me to maintain a consistency and quality that my customers demand with very little effort. I have used it as a stationary engine with a weight on the tippet end and also as a free hand furler with the tippet end attached to a swivel on the common post. Michael did not cut any corners. The furler is a work of beauty, function and design.

    In the past 7 months I have made over 2000 leaders using his furler with no signs of wear and it is still performing like new. I expect that I will get many many years of service from it.

    I have contracted Michael to design a 4 leg furler also with a hook on the drive shaft. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!!

    Michael Moline
    CFO “Chief Furling Officer” :-)
    Streamside Leaders


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