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Each newsletter has a Tips feature that you might find inspiring and helpful in your reelsmithing. Our Reelflections column features a classic reel and discusses its history, maker, design and any unique characteristics that might interest reelsmiths.

Current Newsletter

November 2013 Newsletter - a look back at the last year, some new product announcements, and Reelflections takes a look at collecting reels - dos and don'ts.

Past Newsletters

December 2011 Newsletter - Some great specials this month! Our tip shows how to veneer your spool sideplates with figured burl veneers for a distinctive look. It's really easy to do. Reelflections takes a look - inside and out - of the patented Meisselbach Featherlight skeleton reel.

November 2011 Newsletter - Announcing John Betts' Reels & Making Them. Our tip shows how to apply Engine Turning to your reels and has a vieo supplement to show how. Reelflections takes a look at one of John Betts' early reels and also has a video segment.

September 2011 Newsletter - Introducing our new Nipper Zinger and announcing a new Ultralight Fly Fishing Reel Kit and a printed version of John Betts' Reels & Making Them.  Our tip shows how to apply a millgrained edging to reel components using millgraining tools. Reelflections takes a look at (and inside) the JAMES 3-In-One Reel.

June 2011 Newsletter - New products include Raised Pillar Reel Kits in brass or aluminum and Round and Raised Pillar Reel Plans by David Triezenberg. Our tip discusses galvanic corrosion and shows several ways you can minimize or prevent its effects on your reels. Reelflections takes a look at a very simple patented reel that spans 2 patents and 21 years.

May 2011 Newsletter - We are now offering 3wt, 4wt and 5wt Fly Line Combo Packs and are about to introduce 3 new Reel Kits. Our tip shows about how to flame polish Delrin to get a beautiful glossy finish. This month's Reelflections looks at the Rabbeth patented adjustable drag and a classic reel that uses the patent.

April 2011 Newsletter - New products including a precision oiler and the Brass Raised Pillar & Matte Black Special Edition Reel Kit. Our tip shows you how to nickel electroplate brass and aluminum parts using an inexpensive kit. This month's Reelflections looks at the Pflueger Medalist reel's drag system.  Finally, we have a special feature on the earliest image of a fishing reel.

March 2011 Newsletter - New products including our own branded fly line, our tip addresses making raised pillar style frames starting with one of our kits and a few hand tools, and a new column "Reelflections" that will feature a classic reel each month. This month's Reelflections features the Orvis 1874 Patent fly reel.

February 2011 Newsletter - A message from The Eclectic Angler, new Customer Loyalty Program, products and kit enhancements, and our tip this month offers a number of ideas for unique grips for your reels.

January 2011 Newsletter - announcing our new Special Edition Reel Kits, an update on Reels & Making Them, and our tip shows you how to build a quick click drag mechanism for your reel.

December 2010 Newsletter - this month, we take a quick look back at everything that's happened this year and offer some tips for dressing up the screws and washers on your reels.

November 2010 Newsletter - this month, we have some great tips on drilling round holes in sheet materials like brass, nickel silver and aluminum. We also introduce our new Click Drag Upgrade.

October 2010 Newsletter - this month, we have a great tip on using common household items to patina brass to a warm honey or amber color. We also introduce several new Reel Kits and Reel Kit Finishing Supplies.

Published Articles

It's Reely Preety Easy, PowerFibers Issue 37, Peter Dallman & Michael Hackney (used with permission)

Horsehair Fly LinesPowerFibers Issue 36, Michael Hackney (used with permission)

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