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The Eclectic Angler supports organizations that strive to improve our environment and help our fellowman through promotion of fly fishing. The Earth is a beautiful planet with many beautiful places. It so happens that many of these places are rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and oceans that we at The Eclectic Angler like to visit! Sharing these places and fly fishing experiences is intensely therapeutic and beneficial to both humans and nature. We support these organizations with donations of hand-crafted equipment and volunteerism! Whenever we have a chance to help these organizations fulfill their missions, we do. Here are a few highlights: 

In 2012 we donated 15 reels to TU and FFF chapters and several non-angling charities. We also donated a total of 20 books to various organizations to use for fund raisers.

Our big event of the year was the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Bamboo Event at Rose Hill Farm in December. We designed a very special reel kit - the American Hero Reel - and worked with 15 true Heros to assemble them in the cabins so they could be fished over the weekend.


The BIG NEWS is we have committed to donating 10 hand-crafted reels a year for the next 10 years to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum to support their new Catskill Rodmakers Workshop and Heritage Craft Center - that's 100 hand-crafted reels!

We had our second annual Reelsmithing Workshop on 2/12/2011 to support the NH Council and Basil Woods TU Chapter's Trout in the Classroom Program. We had 16 attendees this year and the event made the AP Press! The group built their reels and had a great time. We donated $800 to the New Hampshire TU Council.



We donated a book and several reel cases to the Colorado Rodmakers Reunion silent auction in July, 2011. Proceeds supported Project Healing Waters.

We donated a Brass Reel Kit and Nylon Reel Case to the Southeast Wisconsin TU Chapter on 6/6/2011.

This hand-crafted reel was donated to the Merrimack River Valley TU chapter's annual conservation banquet on 4/30/2011.

10% of all March 2011 sales was donated to the Japanese Red Cross and the Japanese Salvation Army to help victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled 3 nuclear power plants and left hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens homeless.

This Reelsmithing Workshop was conducted on 2/12/2011 to support the NH Council and Basil Woods TU Chapter's Trout in the Classroom Program. 10 attendees - including a 13 year old young man - built reels and had a good time. We donated $500 to the New Hampshire TU Council.


We donated this hand-crafted Brass and Black Delrin reel with our new click drag mechanism to the Nor' East TU Chapter for their annual fundraising banquet on 10/24/2010 (with a suede case and a nice cardboard box of course!)


This reel was the first of a new series of raised pillar reels with a click drag mechanism. It was donated to the National Trout Unlimited Annual Meeting in Sept., 2010. Proceeds were used for Kids Trout Camp, Casting for Recovery, Trout in the Classroom and conservation programs in NH (not just from this reel though!)

We donated this custom graphite fly rod with a Mayfly thread weave to the Squan-a-tissit TU Chapter in 2007.

We've donated hundreds of hand-tied flies to Casting for Recovery and Reel Recovery.

This unique custom graphite fly rod painted to imitate aspen bark (The Aspen) was donated to the Southern Colorado Greenback TU Chapter's “Trinidad Purgatoire River Habitat Improvement Project” and Summer Youth Education Camps in 2010.

We donated a hand-made brass and black Delrin reel to the Lawrence High School Fly Fishing Club's annual SuperBoo event and raffle.

Please email us for more information!