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Otter Butter

Otter Butter hand-crafted line and leader dressing is perfect for silk or synthetic fly lines and all types of leaders and tenkara lines. It works particularly well on furled leaders and tenkara lines. Otter Butter does not contain silicones or harmful solvents and will not leave a sticky residue.

We hand-craft Otter Butter in small batches here in Groton, MA. It comes in two convenient sizes. Try Otter Butter, we think you'll agree, "It floats better!"

Here's what others are saying... 

Best silk line floatant ever!  by Christopher White

I used otter butter for the first time yesterday. I think it played a big role in the great day I had on the stream.

I've used several different silk fly line pastes before, and I've even attempted several times to make my own, but Otter Butter is hands down the best I've ever used. 

The first great thing about it is that it's not sticky like ever other paste I've used. This makes casting much, much easier.

The second great thing about it is that my line floated all day long (I fished for about six hours). With other pates, I would get about four hours before my line started to sink.

I highly recommend Otter Butter to every silk fly line user!

Great Stuff icorating5.gif by Bob

I got Otter Butter to treat my silk fly lines. It is harder than Mucilin and not sticky at all. I removed the old Mucilin with a clean rag and was surprised how much dirt and grit came off. After a couple of applications with Otter Butter, there was no grit on the line - I'm sold! It does take a little more rubbing to apply but the chammy applicator works great for that. I've also tried Otter Butter on some plastic lines and could immediately see, feel and HEAR the difference when casting! The hard coating is slick and really lowers friction through the guides. After Michael mentioned that Otter Butter works great on furled leaders, I tried that too and he's right, the leaders float like they were made of cork!


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