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Instruction Manuals

Instructions for our Reel Kits and other products are available to download and read. These are copyrighted so please do not post to other forums or blogs without our permission.

Reel Kits

3D Drawings to Help Visualize Assembly

3D View

Side View

Simple Porting Templates

Frame Plate and Spool Hole Template (version 1.0)

Reel Kit Instructions

Aluminum Ultralight 2-75 (version 1.0)

Silent Check Brass Reel Kit (version 2.2)

Silent Check Aluminum Reel Kit (version 2.2)

Click Check Brass Kit (version 2.2)

Click Check Aluminum Reel Kit (version 2.2)

Click Check Brass Raised Pillar Reel Kit (version 3.5)

Click Check Aluminum Raised Pillar Reel Kit (version 3.5)

Reel Materials

Click Drag Upgrade Instructions (version 1.2)

Single-piece Reel Foot Instructions (version 1.2)

Line Making (discontinued)

19th Century Furling Tool product sheet

Horsehair Fly Lines (PowerFibers Issue 36 with permission)

Tenkara (discontinued)

Tenkara Fly Set Instructions

Tenkara Flies Instructions